Back In The Running

This was a great project to work on. Not only did we design a great look and feel to the client's new branding, we also renamed his company. As with all our clients, we sit down for a discovery meeting either face to face, on zoom or similar. As soon as we started to delve into what made this sports injury therapist different to others, we spotted the opportunity. Yes, he covered all sorts of injuries but he specialised in knee injuries. Runners mainly, they could be track and field or just park runners, but he could help get them back on track, and a lot quicker than a lot of his success stories would've thought. 

The solution was to give him a logo which looked like a sports badge, which would work well across all collateral and apparel. When it came to the social media ads, just one google search for knee injuries, gave us the concept. Most images were of people holding their knees. We made the observation that they looked like they were hugging their knees and used the Knee hugger headlines (Taken from the term Tree Huggers). A delighted client was the result and we were equally delighted to add this project to our portfolio. 

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